Generations Law Group is a unique Business and Estate Planning Law firm in Boise...
helping families bring their Generations together with an Estate Planing Strategy that
ensures their wealth is protected and preserved from one Generation to the next.

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Complimentary Risk
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Couple Estate Planning

​​​​RISK is a part of life…but the more we can reduce it the happier and less anxious we will be. We want to help you lower your anxiety and give you more peace of mind by helping you understand where you have risk and where you don’t. We created a simple (and free) process to help you identify your own RISK ASSESSMENT PROFILE in the privacy of your home. It’s a super easy tool to use. Try will instantly have a better understanding of your areas of risk (high, medium, and low) in your life. Click ​START ASSESSMENT below and invest about 10 minutes…you might just be surprised by the results!

​Do You Have an "Estate Strategy?"

Your estate plan is about more than just's about your loved ones carrying on your legacy. When you have a successful "Mulit-generational Estate Strategy" you know exactly what will happen to your estate and how your legacy will be continued. It allows you to be very specific about how you leave behind your "wealth" and your "wisdom" to current and future generations. We believe this is an important part of every person's life. 

​​Our Passion is to help you ​create a seamless transition of wealth and wisdom for you and your loved ones. With our approach, you ​have uniquely tailored solutions which allow you to achieve your Multi-generational Estate Strategy...through every stage of your life. If this speaks to you and your wishes, let's talk.

Multi-Generational Family

You're Gone...
Who Gets the Kids?

12 Questions to Make Sure It's Who You Want

Legal Protection for the Generations

Guiding the Family-Owned Business

Our goal is to help your business become as successful as possible…minimizing your risks, reducing your taxes, and identifying opportunities.

Businesses that have the proper Strategy and Planning are able to transition their business with much more ease and have higher odds of success (the SBA says 70% of family businesses fail during the transition from one generation to the next).

The right Strategy and Plan will help your children overcome and minimize the risks and achieve success. Risks can be anticipated and managed into opportunities for the business when customized solutions and plans are be put in place. If this speaks to you as a business owner, let’s talk and see what opportunities exist for you and your company.

Business Succession Planning

Services We Provide to Our Clients

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

​When you have an Estate Strategy and Plan you get solutions tailored to your individual needs and life…giving you and your family Peace of Mind about your Wealth and your Assets

Special Needs Planning

​We all want to ensure our children receive the best possible care…children with special needs benefit greatly from special planning. Special Needs Trusts are just one of many tools available to you to gain supplemental support without losing government benefits

Probate and Trust Administration

When the unfortunate happens and a family member passes away, there are some great opportunities for family members to handle their legal issues with less stress...helping the family focus where they need instead of dealing with legal issues

Elder Law

When your Senior loved one faces health risks, including dementia and disabilities, this is an opportunity to help reduce the emotional, and financial burden of long-term care when there is planning in place

Business Formation

​The 3 words that help every business increase their odds of success…Plan, Plan, Plan. Starting a business the “right way” clears the path for you to do what you do best and achieve great success with your idea

Business Succession

When it’s time for celebration as you begin to transition out of your business, having a well-designed plan in place ahead of time helps you put more money in your pocket and easily move it to the next generation

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Generations Law Group is a ​unique Business and Estate Planning law firm located in Boise, serving clients throughout the State of Idaho and the United States. Read more...

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