Special Needs Planning

The world is filled with special people. These are the individuals who are near and dear to our hearts and have unique qualities.  They are our children, grandchildren, moms, dads, brothers, sisters and others.  They are individuals with disabilities or specific issues requiring compassion, thought, and resources for them to thrive.

Even though every person on the planet has gifts, abilities, and attributes that make them special, some people need more help than others.  What kind of help do they need?

Special Needs Planning consisting of personalized and effective estate planning, take note of special people in your life and helps you build an intentional plan designed to protect them and to live their dreams.  You can do more than just make sure that their needs are met – you can provide a means for each special person to live well and thrive.  Our firm looks to available family resources, government programs that benefit those in need, and creative legal strategies that harness resources and the tax code to create the best plan possible.

Special Needs Trusts

For the special people in your life, you can create benefits for education, to start a family, to purchase a home, for travel, or to pursue any of their dreams. Plans can be designed to protect assets or to get help in managing and maintaining their day to day lives. This is something everyone can benefit from…a trust that protects assets from divorce, a lawsuit or business failure, even if a beneficiary is an astute investor.

When protecting an inheritance for those with disabilities, it is especially important to create purpose-built trusts and powers of attorney that take into account federal and state program benefits so they can retain these benefits. You might have to establish a specific guardianship to ensure the person impacted receives the care and resources needed.  

There are tens of millions of people in our country, from minor children to adults, that are impacted by diseases such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Parkinson’s, ALS and many others.  There are also people impacted by accidents, war injuries, or who are young children who have lost their parents.

When you know more, you are able to take charge and more effectively plan for both today and the future of your Special Person! So roll up your sleeves and commit yourself to either get started or update your existing plan.