Our Office

One of the first things we hear when a new client walks into our office is "Wow, this does not look like an attorney's office." We view this as a compliment because we specifically designed our office not to look like a traditional law office. Gone is the reception desk, you will be immediately greeted by one of our attorneys when you walk in the door. Gone is the waiting room, our attorneys are always ready to talk to you immediately when you come in.

Instead, when you come into our office you walk right into our "living room." These comfy couches and chairs is where we will first get to know you. It is in this environment that we will talk to you about your Estate Planning needs.

When the time comes to sign your documents, we will do that in our "dining room." There are no claustrophobic meeting rooms in our office.

Our office is different because we are a different firm. We hope to see you here soon!

Inside Our Office

Outside Our Office