Estate Planning Protects You and Your Family

     In the simplest terms, estate planning is about deciding what you want to happen in the future, and then making the legal arrangements necessary to make sure that your decisions are carried out.

     Many "Estate Planning" firms only draft Wills for their clients, this is the "who gets what" aspect of estate planning. While this is certainly important, it only scratches the surface of what can - and should - be done. 

     We believe that a proper estate plan should:
- Protect you while you're alive, even during periods of incapacity or disability;
- Protect your surviving spouse, both legally and financially;
- Ensure that children receive their inheritance exactly in the way the parents intend;
- Unite multiple generations around common goals and values, ensuring that each generation carries the family vision into the future; and
- Make all of this happen with the least amount of government interference through unnecessary taxes, regulations and court supervision. 

     In short, we believe the perfect estate plan is one that allows you to project your wisdom, goals and values into the future. 

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